What is Fingera?

Fingera is a next-generation access control and attendance management system, built upon industry-leading biometric technology, that is designed to meet the needs of small and medium businesses.

Fingera is created by Innovatrics, a global leader in biometric technology.

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Main benefits

99.98% accuracy

Certified solution

16 years on the market

Reliable & trusted partner

800+ satisfied customers

Proactive customer care

from €10 per month

Flexible, tailor made solution

Certificates & Awards

Choose the plan which suits you best

1-9 users
from €10 per month
10-20 users
from €16 per month
21-50 users
from €27 per month
51-99 users
from €43 monthly
100+ users
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The license fee is billed annually and includes regular updates and improvements to the system, a software license for a given number of employees, and technical support.

Benefits of Fingera

Are you a business owner, HR manager, or employee? Simplify and streamline your business processes.

For users

  • Sign in using our mobile app
  • Use fingerprint, facial recognition, RFID card, or PIN
  • Self-service system - manage & edit attendance or request leave online
  • Quick overview of time worked & overtime & balance of various types of absences
  • Fast & easy attendance recording

For administrators

  • Customize the system to suit your business needs
  • Flexible software for various types of business
  • Support for creating custom settings
  • Compatible with virtually all economic and payroll systems
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Set up multiple administrators with different access rights
  • Automatic recording of scheduled absences in the attendance report

For managers

  • Control & review employee attendance
  • Overview employees present at the workplace
  • Available 24/7, accessible from any PC or smartphone
  • Restrict access to specific areas (buildings, warehouses, archives, etc.)
  • Generate statistical and graphical reports
  • Summary of pending requests of all employees in one place
  • Handling time-off requests quickly and comfortably online

Simple & fast attendance recording

Below is a brief overview of the user interface, and employee arrivals & departures records.

We can help your business

Our solution is tailored to your needs, so whether you are a small, medium, or large business, Fingera can help you.

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For small companies

You don't need to be big to be innovative. Our sophisticated technology works even with smaller budgets.

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For medium-sized companies

Have you grown and now is the time to optimize and streamline your processes? Fingera saves you and your staff considerable time and effort.

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For large companies

Small company = small problems, big company = big problems? With Fingera, absolutely not! You can keep a precise overview, even with a large number of employees.

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Did you know?

Fingerprints are much more difficult to fake than access/ID cards.
Fingerprints are unique and cannot be stolen, unlike passwords or access cards.
You cannot lose or forget your fingerprint, unlike a smart card or password.
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