What is Fingera?

Fingera is a complete biometric time & attendance and access control package. It is built upon Innovatrics award-winning fingerprint recognition technology using top biometric devices. Its modularity allows it to be deployed as standalone unit for small companies, but also supports large scale WAN/LAN environments.

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Advantages What will be your benefits?

  • Fingera keeps employees honest about arrival times. There’s no fooling the system!
  • Prevents “Buddy-Punching” by requiring a combination of biometric identifiers
  • Accurately reports employee time/attendance to Payroll & HR thereby reducing payroll processing costs
  • Eliminates unauthorized overtime

Implementation Example

  • Company in Ivory Coast needed to track their employees’ attendance and also control the access to the production hall.
  • 120 employees on one site, 30 in administration, 90 in production
  • Innovatrics deployed 3 components on the local network: Fingera server, Fingera thin terminal and Fingera access control device...

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Features Why should you choose Fingera?

  • One of the only turn-key solutions in the market addressing both time-and-attendance and access control
  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Fast fingerprint and card identification leveraging Innovatrics’ award-winning technologies
  • Modern terminal with large touchscreen