Companies Large or Small: A Good Attendance System Should Adapt

At first glance, it’s not clearly visible all the things that are dependent on the number of employees in a company. A company's size not only affects its business processes and administration, but also workplace relationships and the overall atmosphere. How do you adapt your attendance system to all of this?

Even a small company can save a lot of time

Smaller companies are often made up of members of the same family or friends, or people connected by the same passion. Employees are, therefore, usually very loyal to the company. They literally “live” with their work, feel responsible for it, and often work overtime. However, this brings not only benefits but also problems. People in smaller companies, unlike in larger ones, do not always have precisely specified tasks. Because there are fewer employees, positions are not always covered by an “entire” employee.

Problems burdening smaller companies

  • When someone does a lot of things at once, he is guaranteed to feel that he has done nothing at all. A system is, therefore, necessary where an employee can record his working hours accurately to the minute.
  • Relationships are usually more relaxed in a smaller group. That’s why it’s all the more important to have everything on record. Good relationships are completely dependent on fairness – and that can’t be achieved without accurate numbers and data.
  • It’s more important to retain employees in a small company than a large corporation. One of the owners’ priorities is to limit the fluctuation to a minimum. People appreciate various benefits such as flexible working hours or working from home.
  • Companies with a small team often don’t have a separate HR manager. The record keeping of work time must, therefore, be as simple, transparent, and efficient as possible. The less work and time the system requires, the more useful it is for the company.

What are the advantages of the Fingera Attendance System for small companies?

  • If you have few employees and you can save time for at least one of them, you have saved a lot for the company itself. Fingera simplifies staff management as well as record keeping of overtime and leave.
  • All the data from the Fingera system can be stored in cloud storage. That’s why you don’t have to deal with the issue of storing all the documentation related to the work time records.
  • Use only the hardware you need. If you only need one access terminal, it’s not necessary for you to also buy a server, for example.
  • Provide your employees with remote access to the records of their working hours. They can sign into Fingera using the mobile application, which means they can request leave through their mobile phone.
  • Choose what suits you best. The cost depends on the number of users and the selected features.
  • Rely on the up-to-date software that we’re continuously improving. The price includes technical support in case of any problems.
  • Fingera is compatible with most economic systems. This means that you can simply link various software programs.

Large company – large processes

There are people who love working in a large company and appreciate the stability and precisely defined workload, while others are bothered by the inflexibility and the slowness of processes. The more employees a company has, the harder it is to introduce changes. However, a larger company also has greater opportunities in both capacities and finances.

What is more important for larger companies?

  • If new systems are introduced in large companies, it is important that their use is intuitive. People will learn to use them quickly and the change will be easier.
  • Are you solving the issue of warehouse access? It’s beneficial to have an attendance system which is also an access system.
  • While smaller companies don’t have an HR manager at all, in companies with 100 or more employees, there is an entire team that handles personnel matters. In addition, people in management positions or financial controllers should also have access to the attendance system. Different employees, however, have different authorization, in terms of access rights to the attendance system.
  • The more employees, the more data. The more data, the more important it is to have them clearly sorted.

Fingera’s benefits that you can utilize in a larger company

  • Schedule meetings and workload distribution based on the capacities and absence of employees. You have all the necessary information available in our attendance system. Moreover, you can sort them by departments, teams, or shifts.
  • Do you want to know if a particular person is in the workplace? Fingera allows you to find that out easily.
  • Like your team, Fingera is multilingual and it can adapt to language barriers.
  • Fingera can have multiple administrators. Set their exact number and rights.
  • We will design a complete attendance system architecture for you. We will choose the appropriate hardware for you and determine the optimal number and distribution of terminals.

We have developed the Fingera Attendance System to flexibly respond to the number of employees. We will gladly customize it for your company. Try out the demo version and see how it will make your life easier.

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