Fingera System

Dochádzkový systém

Increase your comfort

Modern technology

Fingera uses the most modern technology for fingerprint and face identification, RFID cards, and mobile app.

Flexible solution

Fingera provides solutions for all types of customer requirements. From simple single-ended systems to extensive multi-end solutions with cloud and virtualization support.

Attendance and access under control

Fingera is an electronic attendance system that can be expanded by an employee access control system.

24/7 availability

Fingera and the data contained therein is available 24/7, either in the form of a cloud solution or access from a mobile application.

Simple and fast registration

The virtual tour shows you a brief overview of the user environment, records of departures and arrivals of employees.

Managing attendance online

Fingera offers online access to data over the Internet via a dedicated website named companyname.fingera.com. Management and administrators have the ability to access employees' reports, reports, and statistics at any time from any device connected to the Internet.

Mobile application

For companies that have employees, such as tradesmen, service technicians, and others, Fingera has a mobile app. This mobile app offers a full use of Fingera features, including geolocation in use, self-service, and a simple approval system. Mobile Fingera supports the most common devices with Android v4.4 and iOS 10.

Download Fingera Mobile app for iOS and Android:

Technical description

System properties

  • Multiple attendance terminals can be synchronized over LAN or internet
  • The attendance system can be managed locally over LAN or remotely via the internet
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Software properties

  • Time worked is automatically counted based on sign-in and check-in times
  • Fully customizable software for different types of businesses
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We can help your business

Our solution is tailored to your needs, so whether you are a small, medium, or large business, Fingera can help you.

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For small companies

You don't need to be big to be innovative. Our sophisticated technology works even with smaller budgets.

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For medium-sized companies

Have you grown and now is the time to optimize and streamline your processes? Fingera saves you and your staff considerable time and effort.

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For large companies

Small company = small problems, big company = big problems? With Fingera, absolutely not! You can keep a precise overview, even with a large number of employees.

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