Fingera Approval System

Dochádzkový systém

Increase your comfort

Flexible solution

The approval system can be adapted according to the customer’s wishes. It enables various forms of absence (e.g., annual leave, doctor’s appointment, care for a family member, home office, etc.) to be defined and be set based on each corresponding entitlement. Each employee can have a different entitlement set.

Time saving

Each kind of absence is automatically recorded in the attendance report. The attendance controller does not have to record absences manually.

User comfort

The approval system is available any time you may need it from any device connected to the Internet. Request a leave of absence, or absence due to a doctor’s appointment with a few taps from your mobile device.

Information always at hand

The application allows its users to have an immediate overview of the current entitlement for leave of absence and other absences.

Comfort & Speed, No Paperwork

The request approval process is easy, and it won’t take more than 1 minute. An employee can create a new request with a few taps on the application. As a manager, you have all the requests in one place all the time and you can handle them immediately in several easy steps.


Current Overview

As an applicant, you have the immediate overview of your current entitlement for absence and created requests.


Request Creation

Request for approval of annual leave or a business trip in a few clicks through the web application, and you will be automatically informed about its handling immediately via e-mail.


Request Handling

The manager is notified of a new request by e-mail. Requests awaiting approval can be handled immediately – by clicking on the corresponding button.


4. Automatic Attendance Record

All kinds of absences are recorded automatically on the attendance sheet, which saves administrators from the obligation of filling in the absence manually.

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Now on your mobile device

You can also benefit from the approval system through a mobile app. You have immediate access to the current remaining entitlement for absence, annual leave or doctor’s appointments, which you can solve quickly and comfortably in a few taps.

Download Fingera Mobile app for iOS and Android:

We can help your business

Our solution is tailored to your needs, so whether you are a small, medium, or large business, Fingera can help you.

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For small companies

You don't need to be big to be innovative. Our sophisticated technology works even with smaller budgets.

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For medium-sized companies

Have you grown and now is the time to optimize and streamline your processes? Fingera saves you and your staff considerable time and effort.

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For large companies

Small company = small problems, big company = big problems? With Fingera, absolutely not! You can keep a precise overview, even with a large number of employees.

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