Triple the Benefits with Fingera for Companies of All Sizes

Whether you are a small, medium, or a large business, Fingera can help you and increase your comfort. Learn how.

Small Enterprises

1 Less Bureaucracy

The less bureaucracy, the more time a small entrepreneur can devote to actual work. According to surveys among Slovak companies, more than two hundred hours a year is dedicated to administrative tasks alone. Anything that can reduce that is welcome. Fingera provides an in-depth electronic attendance report and allows comfortable editing and confirmation of requests over the phone. Therefore, payroll and vacation data are available everywhere and at all times.

2 No Paper

Working without paper is more than ideal especially for small entrepreneurs. No need to think about printers, toners, supplies, or the need to archive. Fingera makes this possible as the necessary documentation is in the cloud. Even in the unfortunate event of computer theft or a natural disaster, there wouldn’t be any data loss. There is no need to archive attendance books or vacation requests.

3 Comfort

It is also important for employees to make requests for vacation or medical leave conveniently. Thankfully, they can be remotely handled using a smartphone, and the application will also send a notification of confirmation or rejection to the request.

Medium Enterprises

1 Quick Overview

As the number of employees grows in a company, managers will appreciate a quick overview of who is at work or who has time off. Fingera can record vacations or remote office directly into the calendar, which simplifies teamwork and scheduling of work time.

2 Security

Not every employee can have access everywhere. Fingera, therefore, enables premises to be divided into zones with different access restrictions. This increases the security of the premises and prevents fraud. Borrowing a card from a colleague is simply not possible, and so is fooling the access terminal. Fingerprints ensure that only an authorized employee can open the door.

3 With or Without a Card

Speaking of access cards, the larger the business, the more annoying it is to use them. There’s a greater likelihood of someone forgetting or losing one, which means the need for replacement cards or a doorman, who has to solve the problem. Fingera can work completely without cards. More importantly, fingerprint identity verification cannot be fooled. It’s also safe to assume that nobody will ever forget their fingers at home.

Large Enterprises

1 Multiple Operations

As soon as the company grows into multiple operations covering several countries, attendance administration becomes really complicated. In addition to simplicity and elimination of paper, Fingera also offers language options and different settings for different types of operations. Everything is exactly prepared according to the client’s requirements.

2 Custom Settings

If large companies initiate an effort to offer special employee benefits, Fingera can fully adapt to these. Custom settings of employee bonuses enable extra vacation days or special days off to be added when conditions are met. Every company can tailor the system based on their own requirements – and adjust it accordingly.

3 Employee Benefits

Remote office is one of the most desirable advantages. Having said that, there is nothing more unpleasant than going to the office while working from home because a request form needs to be signed or a confirmation delivered. Fingera eliminates these requirements and also enables monitoring of the use of this benefit in a large company and for its operation to be adjusted accordingly. Individual teams can easily see who works from home and when, and can set up their meetings as they see fit.

Try our demo and personally experience how Fingera can simplify your life.

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