Remove Bureaucracy with the Fingera Attendance System

A conducive company atmosphere is not only created by means of decent wages or welcoming offices. A part of it can also be attributed to minor details such as minimizing bureaucracy. Substituting unnecessary paperwork for smart online tools is, therefore, a must for any modern company.

dochadzkovy system

Simplification of attendance registration

A typical notebook with a pen attached. Sign in the morning and then in the afternoon again. A scene almost straight out of a retro film, but in some companies, it still is a reality.

An attendance notebook is not only old-fashioned but also impractical. It creates room for minor fraud and misunderstandings in registration matters. It also represents more work for accounting and HR who need to transfer all the data from the notebook into a digital form.

Modern online attendance systems greatly simplify these processes. They not only automatically register workplace arrival and departure, but are also able to capture other departures such as lunch or break departures.

Thanks to the online system, it will not be an issue if a superior or another authorised person needs to have a quick employee attendance overview for a given period. Apart from this, it also documents the remaining holiday period the employee has – the exact number of extra hours, how many days have been used for home office, or the number of sick days. The employees have, of course, access to this information, and can, therefore, regularly monitor their attendance and holiday state.

Quicker holiday approval

How many steps does an employee have to take during the time-off approval process if it is not automated? Check the number of remaining holidays – either on the pay slip or with the help of HR personnel. Then, fill in the holiday sheet, sign and submit it to a superior or HR manager. From there, the sheet goes to the accountant who will manually input the data into the attendance and wage system – a time-consuming, complex and laborious activity. Not to mention that the “sheet” can easily get lost.

Such a system can easily be history. The implementation of the approval system will ensure that the employee will only need a couple of clicks in order to request a holiday. The same applies to doctor’s appointments, home office requests, sick days, and other absences. All of this can be done even via a mobile phone.

It has its advantages for the superior, as well, since he is notified about a new request via email. It can then be immediately approved or denied – accomplished comfortably, quickly and online.

Higher efficiency of managers and accountants

A good manager should mainly be focused on managing and educating subordinates while organising the technical part of his/her work. The paperwork connected to the position should be as little a burden as possible. A quality attendance system will allow him to have a constant and omnipresent overview of working hours, extra hours, holidays and other necessary information about subordinates. Everything can be managed from a mobile phone thanks to cloud technology. Paperwork is avoided, and focus can be directed back to the work itself.

It is quite similar for accountants. A sophisticated attendance system has yet another advantage, namely that it can be connected to a majority of accounting software. The necessary data is then automatically “flipped”, and the accountant does not have to spend hours writing or copying. The accountant’s work is, thus, more efficient, and the occurrence of errors is minimised.


All of these qualities are combined in the Fingera attendance and access system, now available with an approval system, as well. By implementing it, you will reduce the bureaucracy load, improve the workplace environment, reduce financial costs, and consequently, increase your comfort.

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