Five Ways in Which Fingera Improves Work from Home

Work from home is not just an employee benefit, it also allows you to better use resources or save on renting office spaces. Its main draw lies in its easiest possible utilization.

work from home

Once upon a time, the most popular work benefit was a business mobile phone. Then it was replaced by work from home, offering complete flexibility. Fingera access system is designed to simplify the access to office and manufacturing premises, but it can also similarly simplify remote office.

Simple Request

In companies where remote work is subject to approval, Fingera offers to minimize the bureaucracy involved. The request can be sent from a mobile app or from the web, where it can be approved correspondingly, minus the time or space required on paper. The remote work information can be entered in the calendar, keeping colleagues informed as well.

Detailed Overview for Everyone

The system offers an accurate overview of work from home entitlements, and for managers, a detailed breakdown of who is working from home and when. Meetings or other gatherings are easier to organize. In companies (such as banks) where secure computers are used for work from home for security reasons, the information allows a computer to be prepared and it ensures that the employee does not forget it or won’t have to wait for it.

Greater Use of Remote Work

What is the point of an employee benefit when the process of getting it is challenging? The fact that Fingera enables you to simply make a request via the app and also get the subsequent confirmation sharply increases the likelihood that employees will use it. It is not just about employee satisfaction. Work from home can also mean savings for the company as it can reduce office space by 20 percent or more, and therefore, save on rent. Companies are changing seating arrangements to where less people have reserved space, and they are also shrinking meeting rooms because fewer people are expected to attend meetings. In big cities, the reduced need for reserved parking will also save costs. And nature will thank you for fewer emissions produced.

Remote Administration

Traveling to work across the entire city just because you need to “handle the paperwork” is a huge waste of time and talent. Fingera allows at least some of this administrative work to be eliminated. An employee can remotely adjust his/her attendance if he or she has forgotten to sign in or out, or apply for vacation or medical leave. There’s no need to cancel home-based work at the end of the month to sort out the employee’s papers. Everything is online and directly available from the app.


For those who are still concerned about the system being abused, it is possible to set up multiple levels of control or notification. You can frequently monitor adjustments of attendance, use of remote work, and all the other options that the company allows. Concerns are understandable, especially in the case of big companies or new employees. Consequently, such concerns can be forgotten, thanks to a well-arranged system. In fact, surveys support that employees are not only more satisfied with working from home, but also become more productive.


Try our demo and be convinced that you can also benefit from Fingera.

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