Biometrics: Where It Helps Us Most

Did you know that biometrics has been in existence since the 19th Century? At that time, police started using biometric identification when searching for and convicting criminals. Since then, biometrics has quickly become a part of our lives, and it is now everywhere around us. Do you know where it helps us the most?

Helpful Biological Characteristics

Fingerprints, patterns of veins on fingers and palms, voice and iris recognition, or even walking pattern recognition comprise most of these biological characteristics. The majority of biometric technology is currently designed for security purposes. In short, it helps us protect things around us a little better.

Biometrics is an example of such technology, which developed slowly until it crept into our lives largely unnoticed. Gradually being assimilated, it is now irreplaceable in many areas of modern life. Have a look at the main areas where we can see the ever-increasing impact of biometrics.


Numerous countries have introduced biometric security systems at their borders, which increase the speed and improve security checks of both domestic and foreign travellers. They make sure that no unauthorized persons can cross airports, ports and other border control areas.

Passengers may enter aircraft faster thanks to self-service biometric kiosks located at airports. You no longer need any keys, cards, or chips at hotels. Your biometric data is all you need for check-in and free movement around. Biometric profiling also helps improve the security of your car – only you will get in.


As far as healthcare is concerned, biometrics is most important in securing patients´ health records. Fraud related to identity theft may pose a threat to patients’ health, increasing the risk of becoming victims of medical malpractice. Biometrics also protects us against fraud on medical prescriptions and insurance.

Mobile and Computer Security

Biometric authentication has helped telephone security reach new heights. You do not need to enter your password manually. Just put your finger on the screen, or scan your face. You may order meals, games, or cinema tickets conveniently and securely.

Biometrics also protects your computer. Forget about sophisticated passwords containing a combination of upper-case letters, lower-case letters and numbers. Now, you only need to scan your face or touch the screen with your finger to log into your computer securely.


Employee attendance may also be monitored much more securely and accurately. Attendance and access systems such as Fingera will help prevent buddy punching, increase employee productivity, and save time and money.

Fingera is a biometric attendance system based on fingerprints and face recognition. The attendance and access system uses state-of-the-art technology to provide both employers and employees with user comfort, 24/7 data availability, as well as simple and quick record-keeping. You may also use the mobile version – Fingera Mobile.

Wide Range of Use

Where else can you find biometrics? It is used in banking to combat cybercrime and for cashless purchases in shops, and it protects us from fraud during financial transactions. Simply put, biometrics is a solution which improves security around the globe.

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